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Personalised Gift Ideas

Personalised Gift Ideas

The Correct Frame can make a huge Difference!

Family Photographs – Preserving Memories.

Family photographs make an ideal present for long distance relatives.   The correct frame can make a huge difference to a photograph and there are lots of different options in terms of multiple pictures in one frame, shapes and sizes.   

Reprint Older Black & White Photographs

Photographs can often fade or discolour over time if not framed using conservation materials.  If you have a particular photograph that holds great sentimental value, it’s worth paying us a visit to your photo framed correctly. Why not get us to scan your old photo and re reprint a new one for you with all the blemish’s removed.

Sport, film or music memorabilia

Everyone has a favourite movie, sport, actor, sporting hero, band etc.  Framed memorabilia make the ideal personal present that they will not only love but can be passed down from one generation to the next.  Items can be anything from signed shirts and match programmes to album covers, posters, photographs or film cells.  You will be amazed at the wealth of items you can buy which can they be framed to make a lasting memento.

Hobbies or interests

Lots of people have specific hobbies or interests that can be used to create a personalised gift that will be cherished.  Military and historical memorabilia is a popular area.  Collages can easily be made using medals, ribbons, badges, dog tags, patches, photographs etc.

Craft designs

Framed cross-stitch or needlework pieces make wonderful gifts which show a lot of thought and effort.  We can also make a fire screen from your needlework.

Souvenir Newspapers

A nice idea is to buy a newspaper from the day a person was born or if a special article about your loved one has been mentioned in a newspaper.  If left unframed these will become discoloured and brittle over time. However, with the right materials, they can be preserved for years. 


There are numerous types of certificates that can be bought as gifts – everything from shares to naming a star or buying a piece of the moon.  Give them that all important finishing touch by adding a quality frame so that they display their gift easily rather than just putting it in a drawer.

Preserve your Childs Masterpiece!

Do you have a budding Picasso in your family? Does your child come home proud as can be of a painting he or she made? Instead of simply sticking it to the fridge or notice board,  We have may ways in which you can display these precious pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Make the most of those Precious Baby Memories!

Baby keepsakes are precious and adorable, but they can be ruined if not properly stored and cared for. “A new baby brings immeasurable joy not only for the proud parents but for the entire family and their friends.  Mementoes and keepsakes from your child’s early years are extremely precious. Bring in your baby  keepsakes to us  and we will preserve them in a display frame using conservation materials and prevent them from getting damaged or deteriorating over time.

Keep the Holiday Memories Alive – A Picture is worth a thousand words!

Photographs are the most common holiday mementos. They can range from breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge to snapshots of the kids gathered around Mickey at Disney World. All photos trigger memories. The key is how to display them. Consider framing several photos together in a mount with multiple openings. Or choose a large mount with a small opening for a photo, leaving room for other items. Add kids' handprints on the mount to show their ages when the photos were taken, write a description of the day captured in the photo, or include a favourite quote that sums up the trip.